Houston ID Theft – Man Arrested and Accused of Stealing Identity

In May, according to Rose-Ann Aragon and Hannah Falcon of Channel 2, Clayton Fuller was pulled over for a traffic violation.  The vehicle’s license plate did not match registration papers and the tag was expired.   Law enforcement discovered drug paraphernalia, payroll checks, Uber Visa card and copies of driver’s licenses for the identity theft victims. According to law enforcement, the driver’s licenses and paychecks were stolen from the identity theft victims’ purses, briefcases, cars and mailboxes.

Checks found inside the vehicle appeared to have been altered and the owner of the checks told law enforcement that he did not authorize the checks.  The Uber Visa was reported stolen by an identity theft victim who had her purse stolen from her.  The stolen card was found in Fuller’s vehicle.  Believe it or not, Full was released on bond.  A warrant has been issued by the Hedwig Village Polcie Department for a felony charge of fraudulent possession of personal identifying information.

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What Should Identity Theft Victims Do? 

Report the identity theft to law enforcement

First, identity theft victims should report the crime to law enforcement.  By doing so, not only will law enforcement be made aware of the crime, but the incident report will be helpful for identity theft victims to clear their good name.  Under the federal Fair Credit Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), identity theft victims have the right to a free credit report.

Request your free credit report.

Second, Identity theft victims should request their free reports.  Under the FCRA, identity theft victims have a right to a free credit report.  15 U.S.C. § 1681c-2(a)(2).  Victims should identify all credit report errors. Make a list of the errors reported by each credit bureau.

Dispute credit report errors.

Third, dispute the credit report errors to the credit bureaus.  The dispute should be written and mailed via certified mail.  Click HERE for a sample dispute letter. If you have a police report, then you can send a copy of the identity theft report with your dispute.   The credit bureaus must block the disputed information within 4 business days after receipt of the police report.  15 U.S.C. § 1681c-2(a).

Click HERE for a list of the consumer reporting agencies’s addresses.

Contact an experienced FCRA lawyer.

Fourth, if you have disputed the fraudulent information and the credit bureaus have verified the false information and refused to block it, then you should contact an experienced FCRA lawyer.  An attorney can counsel you on the process of exercising your rights under the FCRA.  An attorney can also advise you on what possible money damages you may be entitled to for the credit bureaus’ failure to comply with the FCRA.

The Adkins Firm represents identity victims and consumers who have errors on credit or background reports.  Have you discovered fraudulent information on a credit or background report? Have you disputed the fraudulent information to the credit bureaus, but the information was verified? You may have a claim under the FCRA.  Click HERE to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys.  Remember, it’s your credit report!