Referring Attorneys

The Adkins Firm represents consumers who have errors on credit, employment background and tenant screening reports. If you are a lawyer with a client who has an identity theft, credit or background report issue, you should consider referring your client to The Adkins Firm. We often receive referrals from other lawyers for the following case types under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA):

  • Identity theft – errors on credit or background reports due to fraud
  • Mixed files – background, credit or tenant history reports
  • Consumers reported as deceased
  • Outdated public records and accounts erroneously reported as not discharged in bankruptcy
  • Consumer class actions under the FCRA and other federal consumer protection statutes

We welcome joint ventures and turn key referrals for FCRA cases.  Our level of participation is based on the unique needs of our referring attorneys and their clients.  Our law firm also offers a la carte professional services.  We can assist your firm or your clients with FCRA cases, including new client intake screening, discovery (including document review and depositions), motion practice, trial preparation and trial.

FCRA attorney Micah Adkins is also regularly sought out to serve as local counsel in Alabama, Tennessee and Texas, for FCRA cases filed in federal court.

Mr. Adkins is regularly invited to speak on identity theft, credit report errors, background report errors and consumer rights and remedies under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Contact FCRA attorney Micah Adkins for more information about referrals, joint ventures, local counsel or speaking engagements.