Wendy’s Investigates and Attempts to Contain Data Breach

The national fast-food restaurant, Wendy’s, has been under scrutiny after possible credit card breaches at several locations. Wendy’s has approximately 6,487 locations worldwide with a market cap of over $2.65 billion, making it the third largest hamburger fast-food chain in the world.1 The company has recently launched an investigation following allegations of a potential credit card breach at several of its locations. The data breach was discovered through a pattern of fraud on certain credit and debit cards that were all used recently at various Wendy’s locations.2

The spokesperson for the Ohio-based restaurant confirmed that Wendy’s began receiving reports of unusual activity involving credit cards and payments at the beginning of January 2016. This abnormal activity was discovered in multiple restaurant locations. According to reports, the fraudulent charges may not have occurred at Wendy’s; rather, the charges likely occurred elsewhere after the cards were lawfully used at a Wendy’s restaurant. Nevertheless, Wendy’s has hired a cybersecurity firm to investigate and determine the actual facts and which consumers may be affected.3

Recently, large chains like Wendy’s have been the focus of data hacks. In 2013, Target was the focus of a data breach where an estimated 42 million people had their credit or debit card information stolen from superstore. Not only did Target agree to change its security policies with the eventual settlement, it ended up paying $10 million in a class action suit.4

Currently, the Wendy’s investigation is focusing on the late 2015 time-period, but Wendy’s claims it is too soon to say if the breach is contained or even speculate on the scope of which restaurants are being affected. When rumors of the Wendy’s breach first surfaced, financial institutions were reporting primarily from the midwest. Current reports, however, indicate that banks on the east coast are also seeing similar patterns.5 While the scope of the affected restaurants is still unclear, those cybersecurity investigators and consumers alike must be asking: “where’s the breach?”

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