At a recent arbitration hearing, arbitrators awarded investors $2.2 million dollars for securities fraud.  The investor victims filed the FINRA arbitration claim against UBS Financial Services.  The investors claimed the “Principal Protected Notes” issued by Lehman Brothers were a product that combined the safety of fixed income with the positives of the stock market.  The investors alleged they were not told that Lehman Brothers was the sole guarantor of the notes.  Some investors said they did not know that the investment product they invested in was a Lehman Brothers product. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, former UBS brokers Robert A. Early and Judith Sierko were named as defendants in the investor initiated lawsuit.  The Wall Street Journal noted that UBS previously paid investors about  $3 million to settle claims involving these brokers.  

As expected, UBS said it was disappointed in the panel’s decision.  UBS has many other FINRA claims currently pending against it.  If you invested in Principal Protected Notes from UBS you may have a viable claim against UBS.  Contact attorney Micah Adkins for a free and confidential legal consultation regarding your investment experience.