Senator Sessions Says Consumers Shouldn’t Have a Right to Jury Trial – What?

I recently wrote United States Senator Jeff Sessions and voiced my support of Senator Al Franken’s Arbitration Fairness Act of 2011. As written, the Arbitration Fairness Act would eliminate arbitration of employment and consumer disputes. As a result, employees and consumers would retain their constitutional 7th Amendment right to a jury trial for these types of disputes.

In response, Senator Sessions informed me he introduced an opposing bill, the Fair Arbitration Act of 2011. Senator Sessions wants consumers to agree to give up their right to a jury trial and stated, “I believe that arbitration is a beneficial and cost effective tool that should be used.” Senator Sessions also proposed limited access to “small claims” courts with caps on damages at $50,000. Click HERE to read Senator Sessions’ letter.

Consumers and employees should not give up their right to jury trials. The 7th Amendment guarantees your right to a jury trial. Contact your senator and let them know that you will not give up a constitutional right without a fight! How? By voting!

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