California’s new identity theft law went into effect last week.  Senate Bill 24 gives consumers access to information to prevent identity theft.  Previously, Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed versions of the bill in 2008, 09 and ’10.

The new law amends California’s data breach notification law and mandates the type of information that must be included in a breach notice.  The new law also requires notice of the data breach to be given to the Attorney General

The data breach law requires notice to be given to consumers when personal identifying information, such as driver’s license and Social Security numbers, is compromised.  Because of the notice requirements, consumers will be made aware of the data breach sooner – hopefully before their personal information is used for fraudulent purposes!  For example, when a consumer receives the breach notification, they can quickly contact the credit reporting agencies and place a fraud alert on their file.  Also, consumers can request a free credit report and review the reports for accounts opened by fraud.

Over 40 states have now adopted a breach notification law modeled after the California law.

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