Nashville ID Theft Suspects Arrested

Several Nashville identity theft suspects are in custody.  Seven men have been arrested in Nashville on ID theft charges.  The arrests relate to over 400 counterfeit debit cards and thousands in cash.  “The largest bust came Friday when police arrested Evengii Markovich Zubkov, 33, and Ian Markovich Zubkov, 18, both of Russia, while investigating illegally encoded debit cards that had been used at several Regions Bank branches in the area,” according to the Tennessean.

The Tennessean reported that police caught the suspects after reviewing video footage from Regions Bank.  Later, police identified one of the identity theft suspect’s vehicles at a drug store in Nashville. After identifying the vehicle, police tailed the suspect to another bank where the suspect used more than one counterfeit debit card to make withdrawals.

Nashville remains a hot spot for identity theft.  Nashville offers resources to identity theft victims. Read more.  Have you been a victim of identity theft?  Do you need help clearing your name?  The Adkins Firm represents Nashville identity theft victims.  Contact us to schedule a free case review at 615-370-9659.