Texas enacted a new law which regulates the publication of criminal record information, including mug shots. The law prohibits companies from publishing criminal record information after the business has received notice that the record was expunged or sealed.  The law went into effect September 1, 2013.  Companies who do not comply with the law may be liable for up to $500 a day, plus reasonable attorneys’ fees.

The person who is the subject of the criminal record information has the right to dispute inaccurate information.  The business must conspicuously provide contact information for disputes.  The business who receives the dispute must verify the accuracy of the disputed information with law enforcement or government agency.  The business may not charge a fee to process the dispute and the investigation must be completed within 45 days of receipt of the dispute.

There are dozens of mug shot removal services who, for a fee, will remove mug shots from its site and others.  Mug shot web sites that extort victims for payment for removal of false information will be targeted for unlawful conduct pursuant to the new law.

Click HERE to read the Texas law on criminal record publication.

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