Morgan Stanley Smith Barney’s customers are the latest victims of a data loss incident. Morgan Stanley lost 2 CDs containing 34,000 customers’ account information and Social Security numbers, according to Chris Maag at  The personal identifying information was allegedly password protected, but the data was not encrypted.

Authorities notified Morgan Stanley Smith Barney about the missing CDs on June 8.  Some two weeks later, Morgan Stanly began to notify its customers about the data loss and is offering one year of free credit monitoring.

Like other companies who have failed to secure their customers’ personal identifying information, Morgan Stanley told Maag in a phone interview that, to date, “There’s no evidence that there was any criminal intent here, or actual misuse of this information.”


If you are a customer of Morgan Stanley and you received a breach notification letter, you may be at risk for identity theft.  Contact identity theft attorney Micah Adkins for a free information kit on how to protect your identity.

If you are an attorney and you have been contacted by a client regarding the Morgan Stanley, or any other identity theft matter, contact Micah Adkins to discuss how we may assist you and your client.

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