Hurricane Harvey ID Thief Sentenced to 75 Years in Prison

ABC is reporting Todd Neuwirth was sentenced to 75 years in prison related to criminal acts, including identity theft, related to Hurricane Harvey.  In September 2017, Neuwirth was pulled over for a traffic stop.  During the traffic stop, police found stolen checks, credit cards and licenses in his possession.

“He has a spot in the identity theft hall of fame, and that hall of a fame is a Texas prison,” said Rob Freyer, Montgomery County assistant district attorney. “That’s where he’s going. That’s where he should stay, because if he ever gets out he’ll do it again.”  Hurricane Harvey placed hundreds of thousands of consumers at risk for identity theft.  Read more about other Hurricane Harvey scams HERE.

Are you a victim of identity theft?  Do you know what to do if you were an identity theft victim of Hurricane Harvey?

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