Credit report errors come in all shapes and sizes.  While some credit report errors may seem small, they can still cause serious problems for consumers.  False addresses may make the consumer a match for different consumers.   In other words, false addresses may cause the credit bureaus’ computers to incorrectly place information on your credit report that relates to other consumers.

So, how should you dispute credit report errors to the credit bureaus?  First, identify the false information on your credit report.  The false information may include names, addresses, employers or even phone numbers.  The false information may also include public records, accounts or inquiries. Review your credit reports and make a list of all of the false items on each of your credit reports, such as Equifax, Experian and Trans Union.

Second, using your list, write a dispute letter to each of the credit bureaus reporting the false information.  Your credit report dispute letter doesn’t have to be complex.  Keep it simple.  Just identify the false information and explain why the information is false.  The FTC has a sample dispute letter for you to consider.  Click Disputing Errors on Credit Reports for a sample credit report dispute letter.

Here are the addresses for Equifax, Experian and Trans Union.

Equifax                                                Experian                                  Trans Union

1550 Peachtree Street NE                701 Experian Parkway          555 W. Adams

Atlanta, GA 30309                              Allen, Texas 75013                 Chicago, IL 60661

Your dispute letter should be sent by certified mail.  This will create a paper trail and will proof when the credit bureaus received your disputes.  Save a copy of your dispute letters, too.  This will us determine what information you disputed to each credit agency.  The credit bureaus have to respond to your dispute letter and provide you with the results of their reinvestigation.

Third, if the credit bureaus verify the false information belongs to you, then you should contact us.  The Adkins Firm represents consumers with credit report errors. You may be entitled to actual damages, including monetary recovery for credit denials, lowered credit score, out-of-pocket expenses and attorney fees.

Do you have credit report errors?  Have you disputed false information to the credit agencies?  Did the credit agencies verify false information?   Contact us for a free case review and learn how to dispute false information on your credit report.  Remember, it’s your credit report!