Have you discovered an error on your credit card statement?  Common errors include duplicate charges for the same product or charges for a product you never received or returned to the merchant. How do you dispute these types of credit card billing errors?

Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, consumers have the right to dispute charges and fees on their credit card.  The Fair Credit Billing Act covers the following types of billing errors:

1.  Unauthorized Charges

2. Charges that list the wrong date or product

3. Charges for products or services you did not receive, accept or weren’t delivered

4. Mathematical errors

5. Failure to post payments and other credits

6. Failure to send bills to your current address

7.  Charges you ask for an explanation or written proof of

When disputing the billing error you must:

1.  Write to the creditor at address for billing inquiries

2.  Provide your name, address, account number and description of the billing error

3.  Mail the letter so that the creditor receives the dispute within 60 days of your receipt of the first bill containing the error

I suggest you keep a copy of the dispute letter and send it by certified mail return receipt requested – you will need proof of the dispute, especially if you have to file a lawsuit under the Fair Credit Billing Act.

Have you discovered an error on your credit card statement?  Have you disputed the error with the creditor?  Contact attorney Micah Adkins if the credit card company does not acknowledge your dispute within 30 days or does not resolve the dispute within 90 days.

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