Should I Hire a Lawyer to Help Me With Credit Report Errors or Background Report Errors

When should you hire a lawyer to help you with credit report errors?

Clients often contact The Adkins Firm because they have errors on a credit reports or background reports.  When should a consumer consider contacting a lawyer to help with credit or background errors?  Short answer – anytime.

Consumers may not have the knowledge or resources on how to deal with credit or background report errors.  Do you know how to identify inaccurate information on your reports?  Do you know how to send a dispute letter to the credit reporting agencies or background reporting agencies?  Do you know where to send dispute letters?

Experienced lawyers know the answers to these questions.  Experienced lawyers who represent clients under the Fair Credit Reporting Act may be able to help with credit report or background report errors.  Knowledge gained from years of litigating hundreds of cases under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and representing millions of consumers can only help, right?

Credit report or background report errors keep consumers from moving forward.  Consumers may not be able to get a job, credit or housing because of errors.  What should you do?  Contact an experienced Fair Credit Reporting Act lawyer to evaluate your potential claims and guide you through the process.  Ask the lawyer how many cases he or she has prosecuted in federal court under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Ask the lawyer if he or she knows the lawyers who represent Equifax, Experian and Trans Union.

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Remember, it’s your credit report!