A hacker recently hacked his/her way into a Domino’s server in India.  The hacker was able to download customer data from the server.  Dominos ha begun to send breach notification letters to its customers.   the letter states: ‘We have come to know that someone has hacked our website with malicious intent and with the help of a script, managed to extract some information on customer phone nos, email id and delivery address of some customers. Although this data is not classified information about our customers, still as a responsible corporate we thought its important to inform you about this.”

Dominos treats customers address, mobile phone numbers and email as non-confidential.  Dominos privacy policy is dated 2005.

Click HERE to view Dominos Breach Notification letter.

If you have received a breach notification letter from Dominos, or any other company, then you need to request your free credit report beacuse of your fear of identity theft.  Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, consumers who believe they may be a victim of fraud or identity theft are entitled to a free cosnumer disclsoure (commonly called a credit report) from each of the nationwide consumer reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. 

The right to a free disclsoure is in addition to your right to order a free annual disclsoure from all three credit bureaus.  15 USC 1681g(3)(d)(2).

If you have questions about your rights to a free credit report, then contact identity theft attorney Micah Adkins for more information.