The Minnesota Attorney General’s Office accused a Midland Credit of harassing consumers for debts they didn’t owe or already paid years earlier.  The Attorney General is trying to halt Midland’s practice of obtaining illegal judgments on Minnesotans which are routinely granted against consumers.

Midland Funding LLC and its administrative arm, Midland Credit Management Inc., bought bad debt from banks and other creditors for 3 pennies on the dollar, and then used excessive means to collect on those debts.  A spokesman for Encore Capital Group Inc., Midland’s San Diego-based parent company, told The Associated Press a response was being prepared.

Midland and Encore paid less than $2 billion to acquire more than $54.7 billion in debts from credit-card companies and other businesses, Swanson said. The companies then began pursuing the debtors for collection, but crossed the line when they used heavy-handed tactics that frequently targeted the wrong people, she said.

“They’re casting this very wide net to find somebody — anybody who may owe — and often times, it’s the wrong person,” Swanson said.


Like Minnesota, Midland routinely tries to collect debt from Alabama consumers.  Have you received collection letters from Midland or another debt collector?  Have you already paid off the debt?  Contact consumer debt protection lawyer Micah Adkins for a free case evaluation and help to stop the harassing phone calls and letters.