Alabama Governor Riley to Meet with Officials Re BP Oil Spill

Condo owners, fishermen, hotels and government officials anxiously await as the BP oil spill creeps towards the Gulf Coast.  Alabama Governor Riley is headed to the gulf region to meet with officials regarding the BP oil spill. 


While the impact of the BP oil spill is yet to be determined on the gulf coast, condo owners are already receiving cancellations for spring and summer rentals.  The economic impact on condo owners could be devastating on rental revenue for years.

Fishermen are concerned with the oil spill’s impact on wildlife.  The economic impact on fishermen could affect game yields for generations.

If you have experienced rental cancellations for your rental property in the Gulf Coast era, we may be able to help you recoup money damages from those responsible for the oil spill.  Contact one of our attorneys for a free and confidential consultation.