Identity Theft Victim – Idaho Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division

Idaho’s Brett DeLange, chief of the Idaho Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division, falls victim to identity thief.  Not long ago, DeLange was contacted by a store to confirm his purchase of multiple video cameras.  An identity thief somehow obtained DeLange’s credit card number and 3 digit security code and ordered the video cameras.

After DeLange was contacted by the store, he went online and inspected his credit card statement.  When he did, he found several other unauthorized charges and he quickly notified his credit card company.  The credit  card company canceled the card and did not attempt to collect the charges from DeLange.

DeLange said Idahoans should monitor their credit card statements closely because the cards have protection from fraudulent purchases if customers dispute the charges properly.  Consumers should check their credit report at least once a year, he said. It will tell you how many times you’ve applied for credit and help you figure out if someone has applied for credit in your name.

Consumers should protect their mail and shred documents which contain personal identifying information Don’t leave payments in the mailbox for the postal worker to pick up. Instead, take them to a secure postal box or the post office.

Have you checked your credit report lately?  Do you know how to order your free credit report?  The Fair Credit Reporting ACt (FCRA) gives consumers the right to obtain a free credit report.  Contact Fair Credit Reporting Act attorney Micah Adkins for a free credit information kit on how to order your free credit report and how to dispute credit report errors.  1-800-263-9091 24/7.