We appreciate the confidence other lawyers have shown in our professional ability and competence, and we take the time to build professional and personal relationships with each of our referring attorneys.

We have flexibility in addressing the needs of our referring attorneys and their clients.  Our participation in referral cases is based on our referring attorneys’ clients’ needs and wants.  Our law firm offers various levels of assistance throughout the litigation process.  For example, our firm assists our referring attorneys with the following: initial case investigation; new client intake screening; local counsel; document review; trial preparation, including drafting, discovery, and motion practice; trial and appeals.

Of course, we also provide “turn-key” referral services to referring attorneys who do not desire to remain involved in the case and simply want to refer their client to us.  The Adkins Firm can prosecute all aspects of the client’s case.

Our referring attorneys often send us cases involving: credit report or background report errors, identity theft and potential consumer class actions.  The Adkins Firm has the experience and resources to assist our referring attorneys and their clients throughout the litigation process.

Micah Adkins has experience in alternative dispute resolution and has obtained significant settlements without the expense and delay that often goes with trial.  Mr. Adkins is also  comfortable and confident in the courtroom – federal and state court.  He has presented cases to juries and obtained substantial verdicts.

We welcome the opportunity to evaluate referral relationships with attorneys and law firms.  Contact attorney Micah Adkins at 615-370-9659 for more information.